Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Journey to The Far East - Sunday

We woke up fairly late today. There was the option of a Korean breakfast in the dining hall at 9am but we were in favour of more sleep and cereal. It was worth having a lie-in to help the recovery from jet lag.
We joined the English service at 11.15am where we worshiped together and received a sermon from Jacob about a specific Old Testament law from the Bible and how it applies to modern day Christians and lines up with the Gospels. I wish I had taken notes as I don't remember some of the key points that Jacob spoke about.

After the service we had lunch together in the dinning hall before joining in with the kids service in the afternoon.
Jacob and Tom
I've realised haven't given a lot of insight into who Jacob is yet. Jacob is the English Pastor here at the moment. He lives here in the church with his wife Beth (I don't remember Korean names well!) and is in charge of teaching English to the students here and leading the English service on Sunday. He's a real man of God who really trusts that God has his life in His hands. We've been really blessed through friendship with Jacob.
Jacob and Beth are moving to England in July to work at an English school for Korean kids that partners with a school here in Korea. It feels like we're switching places as they go to England and we come to Korea.

Later in the afternoon, Tom and I went for another walk up the hill behind the church but this time we walked in the opposite direction. We wandered of the beaten path and got a little bit lost but ended up in a beautiful public arboretum/garden.

Wandering near some allotments
At the top of the arboretum

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