Monday, 17 June 2013

Journey to The Far East - Saturday

Due to tiredness, a chunk of my memory seems to be missing...slightly worrying. However, I can recall the walk that Tom and I took in the afternoon up the small mountain behind the church. For a second time we trekked to the top of the wooden steps up the hill behind the church.
Tom on slightly challenging wooden steps


We followed the trail to the right at the top of the wooden steps and tackled a few step hills before eventually ending up at a concrete bridge crossing the main road from the West that eventually ends up in the centre of Cheonan. The surface of the bridge has been covered with soil to allow foliage to grow and offers you the illusion that you're still within the wooded area.
The wooded bridge
We took a little bit of a detour from our original route and when wandering down a path not far from the bridge we spotted an Asian giant hornet, it was huge! Well, we thought so anyway. We tried to capture it with my camera it but it doesn't show up on the video against all the foliage. The excitement of seeing this hornet made us curious as to whether there were others nearby, even a hive maybe? It wouldn't really do us any good if we did stumble across a hive, aparently their stings release a sort-of acid that can kill you if it gets into your blood stream and also releases a pheromone that attracts other giant hornets. Yeah, that wouldn't be fun.

Jacob invited us over in the evening for dinner at his place. Beth had to go out of town so it was Tom, Jacob and I. The lads! This was my first time trying dog as well. Yes, dog. I found that it had a similar texture and taste to beef.
We also experienced Korean TV for the first time and watched Top Gear Korea together after dinner. My experience was cut short as I fell asleep on the sofa.
Quality TV

Top Gear Korea

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  1. Great to read of your exploits...keep blogging ! love Mum & Dad